Meet and learn from photographers with a wide range of experience and expertise

Kevin Adams

Kevin Adams is a naturalist, writer, teacher, and photographer who has had a lifelong love affair with nature and the outdoors. In addition to photo credits in all manner of publications, Kevin is the author and photographer of nine books. An accomplished photography instructor, he leads photo tours and teaches numerous workshops and seminars throughout the year. Often called the “MacGyver of Photography,” he designed and sells several unique products for night photographers. Kevin lives in Waynesville, North Carolina, with his wife Patricia, their two cats Lucy and Titan, eight chickens, and a colony of groundhogs that tear up everything and eat Patricia’s plants. 

Kevin will present 365 Nights: A Year-long Immersion into Night Photography.

Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett is a conservationist, writer, and photographer who seeks to teach the world the value that wilderness has in its pure, unaltered state. He received the 2021 Natural Landscapes Photographer of the Year Award, commending him for his ability to portray nature in a genuine yet creative way. You can find the rest of Eric’s portfolio, books, tutorial videos, and articles on his website www.bennettfilm.com.

Eric will present Less Is More: Creating Concise and Powerful Photographs.

Paul Brooke

Dr. Paul Brooke is a professor, photographer, and poet, who has a fellowship this year for Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) work and for photographing pumas in Chile in March. He is the author of six books including Jaguars of the Northern Pantanal. His photographs have appeared in eight exhibits across North America and in magazines such as Audubon and Wild Planet.

Paul will present How to Photograph with a Scanning Electron Microscope.

Bob Coates

Bob Coates started his pro career March of 1995 after picking up and putting down a camera for the previous thirteen years. Based in the Caribbean for his first three years of business, Bob concentrated on commercial photography. He moved to Sedona, Arizona, to get out of the path of hurricanes. Bob is concentrating on photographing and teaching landscape, nature, wildlife imagery along with creating an art décor line of images as a “Lens Based Artist,” combining photographic images with digital artistry. Visit Bob at coatesart.net or successful-photographer.com.

Bob will present Expose to the Right.

Daniel J. Cox

Dan will present Life Beyond Lightroom.

Dani Davis

Dani is a graduate student in ecology at Florida State University, studying nutrient feedbacks between marine and terrestrial ecosystems. She’s investigating the role that beach-cast seaweed plays in the growth and development of shoreline plants that are critical to building the dunes that protect our coastlines. Dani uses science and art—through the lens of film and photography—to positively change public perception and local policy related to protection of our living shorelines. She also contributes to a local ecology blog that makes the natural world more accessible to the local community. Visit Dani at https://danioutside.com/

Dani will present Using Your Photos for Science.

Sean Fitzgerald

Sean is a Texas-based nature, conservation, and travel photographer working primarily with editorial and commercial clients. He also leads photo workshops for Ted Turner Reserves. He is a past president of NANPA and currently helps lead NANPA’s advocacy efforts on copyright reform and public land access.

Sean will present Copyright: Protect Your Rights.

Jaymi Heimbuch

Jaymi Heimbuch is a wildlife conservation photographer and freelance photo editor. She is the founder of Wild Idea Lab and Conservation Visual Storytellers Academy, and is the host of Impact: The Conservation Photography Podcast. Her current photography project, Watershed Sentinels, focuses on ecosystem interconnectedness and the health of watersheds along Oregon’s coastline. Her photography and writing has appeared in outlets such as Audubon, National Wildlife Magazine, BBC Wildlife, bioGraphic, and National Geographic. Jaymi is a National Geographic grantee, partner photographer with the nonprofit Girls Who Click, and co-founder of Her Wild Vision Initiative, a directory that amplifies job opportunities for diverse women working in the field of conservation visual storytelling.

Jaymi will present Idea to Action: The 6-Stage Strategy for Starting a Conservation Photography Project.

Lewis Kemper

Lewis Kemper is widely recognized as a photographer, writer, and instructor, lecturing throughout the United States. He is a Contributing Editor to Outdoor Photographer. Books include Ancient Ancestors of the Southwest published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing; Capturing the Light, winner of the People’s Choice Award in Fine Art in the 2009 Photography.Book.Now competition; and Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide, voted one of the top 20 field guides. Lewis’ training videos have been used by thousands of photographers, helping them with their photographic and post processing skills. Lewis is currently a Tamron Ambassador. Visit his website at www.lewiskemper.com

Lewis will present Selecting the Foreground in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW.

Kah-Wai Lin, MD, PhD

Kah-Wai will present Creating Story in Landscape Photography.

Mary Ann McDonald

Mary Ann will present Time for a Photo Trip!

Boyd Norton

2023 NANPA Lifetime Achievement Award, Keynote Speaker
Boyd Norton describes himself as a “recovering nuclear physicist,” having blown up a nuclear reactor once as a test. He gave up his physics career in 1969 to become a conservation photographer and writer. Since then he has authored 18 books and been published in most major magazines in the U.S. and abroad, including Time, National Geographic, Smithsonian, The New York Times, Natural History, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, Outside, Sierra, and more. A pioneer in nature photography workshops, Boyd’s teaching programs have covered much of North and South America, Africa, Asia, and even in Siberia to foster conservation photography. He is recipient of the Sierra Club’s 2015 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, was named one of the 40 most influential nature photographers from around the globe by Outdoor Photography Magazine in Great Britain, and was presented with an award from the Environmental Protection Agency. A Founder and Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, the International League of Conservation Writers, and the North American Nature Photography Association, Boyd will receive NANPA’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 2023.

Boyd will be interviewed in a keynote presentation, revealing what he’s learned from over 50 years of photographing and fighting to save the world’s wild places.

Ray Pfortner

Ray Pfortner has worked in photography as an educator, stock photography agent, business consultant, and photographer—in New York City, California, and Washington state. He served as Magazine and Book Liaison for Art Wolfe; worked at Minden Pictures; and was a partner at Peter Arnold, Inc, the stock agency specializing in nature and science. Ray teaches for colleges, schools, and art centers throughout the Northwest. His own photography focuses on environmental issues. He is represented by Getty Images.

Ray was named a NANPA Fellow in 2003 and has received its Recognition Award and Kinne Grant.

Ray will present Working with Non-Profits as a Photographer.

Gia Quilap

Gia Quilap is a Houston area photographer and videographer with a specialization in covering Women’s Soccer. Her work can be found in the yearly edition of the NWSL Almanac released by Keeper Notes. She also works for the photo agency Sports Press Photos and is the in-house media specialist for Yellow Rose Fitness and CostumeWorx. For the past seven years Gia has also been involved in professional camera and equipment sales, rentals, and installations, allowing her to keep up with the latest and greatest in all photo equipment brands and ever-changing technology of the field. Now part of the Photo Rental Source team, Gia wants to help all rental clients choose the right gear for their projects.

Gia will present Tips for a Successful Rental Experience.

Camille Seaman

Camille will present Make Goals Not Plans: The Easiest Way to Get Where You Really Want to Be With Your Photo Career.

Brenda Tharp

Brenda will present Creating Visual Impact with Light, Composition, and Gesture.