50 Years of Protecting the Wild: From the Serengeti to Lake Baikal to Hells Canyon featuring Boyd Norton

Boyd Norton is an icon of conservation, using nature photography to influence policy decisions for more than 50 years. Hear about his efforts to protect the Serengeti, Russia’s Lake Baikal, Hells Canyon, and other treasures of nature in this candid interview facilitated by Kathy Adams Clark. From Boyd’s first photography workshop in 1973 to his 18 published books and efforts to bring awareness to critical environmental issues around the world, you’ll be inspired by this 2023 NANPA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Breakout Sessions

365 Nights: A Year-long Immersion into Night Photography with Kevin Adams
© Kevin Adams

In 2021 Kevin created a different photo every night. The resulting images cover a plethora of subject matter: Closeups of household items, mobsters carrying chainsaws, Jack-O-Lanterns on fire, waterfalls, the Milky Way, and photographic creations that words just can’t describe. Without question, Kevin says this was the most challenging and rewarding project he’s tackled in 40 years as a photographer. He’ll tell you the good and the bad, explaining why a project like this is the best thing you can do, not only for your photography, but also for your well-being.

Less Is More: Creating Concise and Powerful Photographs with Eric Bennett
© Eric Bennett

Eric explains his personal approach to composition and how he practices the art of exclusion in order to create compelling scenes that raise questions, express emotion, and evoke mystery.

Photographing with a Scanning Electron Microscope with Paul Brooke
© Paul Brooke

Paul will teach you how to photograph with a SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) and how to sputter coat specimens with gold dust to create super high magnification images. He will share the process, images and video as part of the program, plus information on the only place in the United States where you can rent a SEM.

Expose to the Right for Better Images with Bob Coates
© Bob Coates

Getting the most out of your digital files can mean exposing to the right (ETTR) when shooting in RAW. There is more and better information with which to work. Noise resides on the lower side of the camera histogram. Cleaner pixels are toward the lighter side. Post processing an ETTR file can result in cleaner images and better printed photos.

Life Beyond Lightroom with Daniel J. Cox
© Daniel J. Cox

Join Dan as he discusses the software tools he uses to gently process his pictures. His desire to present nature in an authentic way and the fact his catalog consists of 1.3 million images drove him to a Digital Asset Management tool called Mylio. In this program, Dan highlights the benefits of being able to have all his images in one catalog as well as the software tools he uses when more hardcore processing edits are required. The software discussed in this program includes Mylio, DXO PHotLab 5, and Luminar.

Using Your Photos for Science with Dani Davis
© Daniel J. Cox

Dani walks you through how to use your photos for science using iNaturalist. She’ll explain how to upload photos, browse observations, and use iNaturalist as a field journal. She’ll also show you where to find peer-reviewed papers using iNaturalist.

Copyright: Protecting Your Rights with Sean Fitzgerald

Join Sean Fitzgerald for an introduction to copyright law for photographers. Learn how registration can help protect the value of your work and what NANPA is doing to help modernize copyright law for the future.

Idea to Action: The 6-Stage Strategy for Starting a Conservation Photography Project with Jaymi Heimbuch

Fired up about conservation photography and ready to dive in, but have no idea where to begin? This program is for you! There are six stages of starting a photo project idea, with each stage moving you forward—from just a vague idea in your head to taking action to producing a tangible project. Learn step-by-step how to find your perfect photo project idea and launch your project without the overwhelm, educrastination, or falling into the spiral of second-guessing. 

Selecting a Foreground in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW with Lewis Kemper
© Lewis Kemper

Lewis shows you how to use the new masking tools in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW to select the foreground of your image. Isolating the foreground can help you make the adjustments necessary to draw viewers’ attention where you want it in your photo.

Creating Story in Landscape Photography with Kah-Wai Lin

Time for a Photo Trip! with Mary Ann McDonald

COVID has certainly changed the way that we travel, with protocols still changing from week to week, but safe travel is still possible. Learn about different tests, protocols, requirements, and other information you need, including how to pack these days.

Photographing Close-ups Using Iridescent and Clear Textured Glass with Charles Needle

Working with Non-Profits as a Photographer with Ray Pfortner
© Ray Pfortner

Non-profit organizations offer important opportunities for photographers, and in this session you’ll learn what you need to know to seize them. Learn about the types of non-profits, the importance of working locally, how to price your work and what you should look for and will gain from the relationship. We’ll look at four case studies—collaborations with a land trust, an environmental organization, and a politician on a small island in Washington’s Salish Sea plus a historic garden across from it on the mainland. Do more with your photography to advance the mission of non-profits with which you are in sync, a dream collaboration!

Tips for a Successful Equipment Rental Experience with Gia Quilap

Maybe you’ve heard about renting photography equipment but aren’t sure how the process works—or how to get started. Find out why photographers commonly choose rental equipment, how the rental process works, and how to plan an equipment rental that provides you with a great experience.

Make Goals Not Plans: Get Where You Want to Be in Your Photo Career with Camille Seaman

Creating Visual Impact with Light, Composition, and Gesture with Brenda Tharp

…and still more sessions to come!