Wendy Shattil

Breakout Session | Do Your Images Have a Future?

Wendy Shattil, Photographer

Wendy Shattil has succeeded as a full-time professional wildlife and conservation photographer for over three decades. She is an international award winner, known for creating provocative images with mood and humor, and the first woman awarded Grand Prize in the world’s most prestigious wildlife photo contest, England’s Photographer of the Year Competition.

Wendy is driven by her desire to produce thoughtful images that influence people to care for the world we live in and has used this talent in her publications, lectures, tours, and assignments. Teaming with her partner and husband (now deceased), Bob Rozinski, Wendy has published 15 books and compiled more than 300,000 stock images of nature and wildlife.

Wendy and Bob were named Senior Fellows in the International League of Conservation Photographers, Department Associates for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and twice were Artists in Residence in Rocky Mountain National Park. Together, the team received NANPA’s Philip Hyde Grant for environmental photography, Denver Audubon’s Environmental Stewardship Award and the Colorado Wildlife Federation’s Conservationist of the Year Award.

In addition to photographing, Wendy originates and administers photo competitions including NANPA’s Showcase and is managing editor of Cloud Ridge Publishing, acting as project manager and photo editor.

Wendy Shattil leads Do Your Images Have a Future? at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 22.