Todd Gustafson

Super Session | To the Ends of the Earth

Todd Gustafson Photo Credit to Ryann Bennett

Todd Gustafson has been photographing nature, wildlife and natural history around the world for the last two decades. Having grown up in Tanzania, East Africa is Todd’s specialty. His vast knowledge of the habitat and behavior of wildlife, as well as his social interaction with local people, has contributed greatly to his success.

Since 2007, one of Todd’s main missions has been to assemble images for his limited edition, leather-bound To the Ends of the Earth book series. This three-volume set—featuring East Africa in Volume I, Birds of East Africa in Volume II, and the Natural World in Volume III— has been regaled by publishing professionals as the most lavish and beautiful books since the Audubon Portfolios. In 2015, Todd traveled the globe extensively, gathering images and film footage for a complementary To the Ends of the Earth documentary.

Todd also photographed and worked as a clinician/teacher for NIKON Corporation, and his photography is represented by National Geographic Society. Through his breathtaking images and filmmaking, Todd shares his experiences with the creatures of the world as they eat, sleep, play, mate, give birth, raise their young and die, co-existing in a battle of survival on this wondrous planet we all share.

Todd leads To the Ends of the Earth at 8:30 am on Thursday, February 21, 2019. This Super Session is available as an add-on to your regular Summit registration.