Sandy Zelasko

Breakout Session | The Salton Sea Story: History & Hope

Sandy Zelasko

Sandy Zelasko, self-taught photographer, Sandra Lee Photography since 1992, devotes her attention to wildlife conservation through land acquisition. She unselfishly shares her wildlife photography to educate, her organizational skills to fundraise, and her curiosity to study environmental issues where wildlife preservation is a key factor.

Zelasko’s passion for wildlife was her motivation to partner with the Friends of Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve’s capitol campaign, targeted to acquire crucial property for a wildlife corridor in north San Diego County. From art donation to extensive behind-the-scene preparation, her efforts helped raise over $40,000 toward the purchase but more importantly raised public awareness for the project.

At her office in Valley Center, CA, Zelasko continues to build a portfolio of conservation endeavors. Dedicated research for The Salton Sea Story uncovered a new understanding of the complex restoration needs in the Imperial Valley of Southern California. Although the outcome for the sea and its complicated issues is far from certain, Zelasko remains positive and focused on solutions beneficial to our wild neighbors and their fragile ecosystem.

Sandy leads The Salton Sea Story at 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Jennifer Leigh Warner

Breakout Session | Ethics and the Nature Photographer

Jennifer Leigh Warner is a Fine Art Conservation Wildlife Photographer living in California and specializes in creating meaningful images that convey a message of hope for the natural world. Jennifer feels strongly that by sharing these images of beautiful animals in their natural environment, she can inspire those around her to protect the environment that they live in. As the Committee Chair of NANPA’s Ethics Committee, Jennifer promotes the ethical practice of photographing wildlife.

Born and raised in the state of Washington, Jennifer learned to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around her in the Pacific Northwest. She spent most of her formative years traveling around the world gaining an admiration for the diversity of the unique places of this planet. Jennifer started studying photography at an early age with an interest in capturing the natural places and creatures that inhabit this world. After graduating from Washington State University in 2005 she set off on her mission to preserve the world around her.

You can learn more about Jennifer and the conservation work that she does by visiting her website

Jennifer leads Ethics and the Nature Photographer at 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Mary Virginia Swanson

Super Session | PLANNING NOW TO MARKET Your Project from Concept through Execution, Exhibition and Publication

Mary Virginia Swanson

Mary Virginia Swanson is an author, educator and advisor who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences and present work in an informed, professional manner. Her public seminars and lectures on marketing aid photographers in advancing their careers.

Swanson draws from her thirty-year career spanning the fine art, documentary, photojournalism, publishing and licensing arenas to lend sage advice to artists at all professional levels. She is a sought-after Reviewer, Juror and Mentor, known for timely knowledge of today’s diverse marketplace.

Swanson co-authored with Darius Himes the acclaimed Publish Your Photography Book: Revised & Updated(2014) and stays current on the growing market for photobooks, reflecting both the ease of self-publishing and the rise of the collectible photobook market.

Swanson, based in Tucson, AZ and New York City, is the recipient of numerous industry honors: Lifetime Achievement FOCUS Award, Griffin Museum of Photography (2013), Susan Carr Award for Education, American Society for Media Photographs (2014) and Honored Educator Award, Society for Photographic Education (2015). She serves on numerous Advisory Boards, helping organizations in our industry provide relevant programming and plan for their futures.

Mary will lead PLANNING NOW TO MARKET Your Project from Concept through Execution, Exhibition and Publication  at 8:30 am on Sunday, February 24, 2019. This Super Session is available as an add-on to your regular Summit registration.

Andrew Snyder

Breakout Session | The Conservation Committee: How NANPA Members Can Use Their Images for Conservation

Andrew Snyder

Andrew Snyder is both a conservation biologist and a photographer. Andrew earned his PhD at the University of Mississippi exploring species diversity and endemism in the Guiana Shield in South America and has spent many years living and working in tropical rainforests. He has participated in conservation expeditions for organizations such as World Wildlife Fund, Conservation International, and Global Wildlife Conservation. In addition to his research, Andrew’s photography raises awareness about tropical biodiversity and looming conservation threats.

Andrew leads The Conservation Committee: How NANPA Members Can Use Their Images for Conservation at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 22.

John Shaw

Breakout Session | In the Mind of John Shaw

John has been a professional nature photographer since the early 1970s. His work has been published in many publications and books, including National Geographic, Nature’s Best, National Wildlife, Audubon, Outdoor Photographer, and many others. In 1997 he received the first-ever Outstanding Photographer Award given by NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association). Nikon chose him as a featured Legend Behind the Lens in 2002, while Microsoft designated him an Icon of Imaging in 2006. He has been part of Epson’s Stylus Pro fine art print makers group since 2001.

John has published six books on nature photography, eight eBooks on Photoshop and Lightroom, plus two eBooks of photographs. A new work, John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography, was published in 2015. He has photographed on every continent, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from Provence to Patagonia.

John is the recipient of NANPA’s 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award. Kathy Adams Clark will interview him during this breakout session at 10:30 am on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Wendy Shattil

Breakout Session | Do Your Images Have a Future?

Wendy Shattil, Photographer

Wendy Shattil has succeeded as a full-time professional wildlife and conservation photographer for over three decades. She is an international award winner, known for creating provocative images with mood and humor, and the first woman awarded Grand Prize in the world’s most prestigious wildlife photo contest, England’s Photographer of the Year Competition.

Wendy is driven by her desire to produce thoughtful images that influence people to care for the world we live in and has used this talent in her publications, lectures, tours, and assignments. Teaming with her partner and husband (now deceased), Bob Rozinski, Wendy has published 15 books and compiled more than 300,000 stock images of nature and wildlife.

Wendy and Bob were named Senior Fellows in the International League of Conservation Photographers, Department Associates for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and twice were Artists in Residence in Rocky Mountain National Park. Together, the team received NANPA’s Philip Hyde Grant for environmental photography, Denver Audubon’s Environmental Stewardship Award and the Colorado Wildlife Federation’s Conservationist of the Year Award.

In addition to photographing, Wendy originates and administers photo competitions including NANPA’s Showcase and is managing editor of Cloud Ridge Publishing, acting as project manager and photo editor.

Wendy Shattil leads Do Your Images Have a Future? at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, February 22.

Florian Schulz

Keynote Presentation | Into the Last Great Wilderness – A 25-year journey of nature photography

Florian Schulz

For more than 25 years, Florian Schulz has followed his passion for nature
photography. The results of his efforts are not only stunning photographs but also
entire conservation campaigns.

An internationally recognized photographer, his images have been published in National Geographic, GEO, BBC Wildlife, and CNN recently featured his conservation work. He is the author of several books published by Braided River, including Yellowstone to Yukon – Freedom to Roam, To The Arctic, and The Wild Edge – Freedom to Roam the Pacific Coast.

Schulz won numerous awards including “Environmental Photographer of the Year,” Sierra Club’s “Ansel Adams Award,” amongst others. He was awarded the 2006 Philip Hyde Environmental Grant by NANPA and received NANPA’s first Vision Award in 2008.

Today Schulz brings the wild side of our amazing planet closer to diverse audiences in Europe and North America, reaching thousands of people through his life talks. In a new era, where film and photography are merging, he has recently evolved as a producer in nature filmmaking, shooting in the highest standards of cinema quality. The result: outstanding film sequences, rarely witnessed before. Schulz is finalizing his first feature documentary about The Arctic Refuge. He lives with his wife Emil and boys Nanuk (6) and Silvan (3) between Anchorage, Alaska and La Paz in Baja (Mexico).

To learn more go to

© Florian Schulz. A huge male polar bear returns to a fin whale carcass that has stranded in Holmiabukta. In the background lies the Holmiabreen Glacier. Location: Holmiabukta Bay, Northwest Svalbard, Arctic Europe

Florian leads a keynote presentation at 8:45 am on Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Ron Rosenstock

Breakout Session | Photography as a Spiritual Practice

Ron Rosenstock

Ron Rosenstock is a professional photographer who studied photography with Minor White from 1967 to 1973. He has had over 150 exhibits in museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad. Rosenstock has published six books that feature his photographs and has written articles for photography magazines worldwide.

Rosenstock has been teaching photographic vision and photography as a spiritual practice since 1969. He says, “My photographs are an attempt to understand the process of creation. They represent a personal search for answers to which the questions as well as the answers are wordless. I regard photography not just as a way of seeing but as a way of living, a search or an exploration.”

Ron leads Photography as a Spiritual Practice at 10:30 am on Saturday, February 23, 2019.