Following are the Keynote speakers and programs currently scheduled (subject to change):

Flip Nicklin - Among Giants: A Life with Whales

Charles “Flip” Nicklin has spent three decades photographing more than 30 species of whales and dolphins, and is considered by many to be the world’s premier whale photographer. In this talk he’ll reveal how humans view whales through an ever-changing lens.

“This is an adventure story about what we have learned about whales and how we have learned it. I will cover the last 40 years and include species from right whales to blue whales, from sperm whales to narwhals,” said Nicklin, a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine.

Dewitt Jones - Celebrating What’s Right with the World!

Instead of focusing on the all too familiar environmental and other ills that beset our planet, Dewitt’s talk will highlight what he sees as the beneficial events and hopeful signs for the future. In this process he will share with us some of the best images and life lessons learned from his experiences as one of the world’s most gifted photographers.

Nevada Weir - A Nomadic Vision

Join photo explorer Nevada Wier to learn more about her evolution as one of the world's top female nature travel photographers. Combining both images and video, she will share her pivotal travels, photo assignments, and an expedition down the Blue Nile River in Ethiopia for National Geographic magazine. She will conclude with her current work as a fine-art photographer. Nevada's work and her story are sure to amaze and inspire you.

Frans Lanting - 2014 Outstanding Photographer of the Year

To help celebrate NANPA’s 20th Anniversary, we are delighted to recognize Frans Lanting as our 2014 Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year.

Frans has the ability to connect us with the lives of animals and show us the world through their eyes. His powerful personal perspective illuminates the big stories behind his images, which are drawn from three decades of work in wild places from the Amazon to Antarctica. Lanting’s presentations feature stunning images and thoughtful commentary on the challenges of global conservation and the role of photography in inspiring a new vision of our world.

He will present some of his images and share stories from his long and distinguished career.