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John Harrington
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Karine Aigner

NANPA Lightning Talk: Sex, Drugs and iPhonography

Karine Aigner

Karine Aigner is a freelance picture editor and photographer whose work is centered around wildlife, conservation issues, and animal portraiture. As the Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Kids and Little kids magazines Karine’s specialty and love is wildlife and natural history imagery. An affiliate member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and a member of NANPA, her work has been in BBC Wildlife, Africa Geographic, National Geographic Kids and Little Kids magazine, Ranger Rick, Parents Magazine, Hoerzu, National Geographic Children’s books, Nationalgeographic.com, ILCP and The Nature Conservancy. Represented by National Geographic Stock, and TandemStock, Karine leads photographic workshop safaris to Africa and beyond. Visit www.karineaigner.com.

James Balog

2012 Environmental Impact Award

James Balog has been a leader in photographing, understanding and interpreting the natural environment for three decades. An avid mountaineer with a graduate degree in geography and geomorphology, James is equally at home on a Himalayan peak or a whitewater river, the African savannah or polar icecaps.

To reveal the impact of climate change, James founded the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), the most wide-ranging, ground-based, photographic study of glaciers ever conducted. National Geographic showcased this work in the June 2007 and June 2010 issues. The project is also featured in the 2009 NOVA documentary “Extreme Ice,” and in the feature-length documentary, “Chasing Ice,” which won the award for Excellence in Cinematography for Documentary Films at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

EIS has been recognized with the Heinz Award, the Missouri School of Journalism’s Honor Medal for Distinguished Service, the Aspen Institute’s Visual Arts & Design Award, and the Galen and Barbara Rowell Award for the Art of Adventure. Mr. Balog has received the Leica Medal of Excellence, the International League of Conservation Photographers Award and the North American Nature Photography Association’s “Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year” award. He was named “Person of the Year” for 2011 by PhotoMedia magazine.

James is the author of seven books, including Extreme Ice Now: Vanishing Glaciers and Changing Climate: A Progress Report, published by National Geographic Books in 2009. “ICE: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers,” (Rizzoli, 288 pp) will be released in the fall of 2012.

Among his other books are Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest (2004), Wildlife Requiem (1984), Anima (1992), and Survivors: A New Vision of Endangered Wildlife (1990), which was hailed as a major conceptual breakthrough in nature photography. His work has been extensively published in most of the world’s major pictorial magazines including The New Yorker, National Geographic, Life, American Photo, Vanity Fair, Sierra, Audubon, and Outside, and is in dozens of public and private art collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Corcoran Gallery, the Denver Art Museum and the Gilman Paper Company. In 1996, James was the first photographer ever commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service to create a full sheet of stamps. The documentary film, A Redwood Grows in Brooklyn (2006), by David Holbrooke, explores his thoughts about art, nature, and perception.

James lives in the Rocky Mountains, above Boulder, Colorado, with his wife, Suzanne, and his daughters Simone and Emily.

Clay Bolt

Breakout Session: Meet Your Neighbours: Discovering, Photographing and Championing the Wildlife in Your Community.

Photo by Mark Godfrey

Clay Bolt is an award-winning natural history and conservation photographer whose work and projects have been featured by The Nature Conservancy, Scientific American, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Audubon Magazine and National Geographic among others. In addition to being a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), he currently sits on the Board of Directors for Discover Life in America, an organization dedicated to finding and recording biodiversity in the Great Smoky Mountains. Clay specializes in macrophotography and his images are used by many conservation organizations in support of their projects.

In 2009 he co-founded Meet Your Neighbours (www.meetyourneighbours.net). MYN is an international nature photography project, developed to connect people with the wildlife within their own communities. Clay is passionate about spreading the message that an appreciation of nature begins at home and he continues to seek out new ways to promote this concept through his photography, writing and community involvement. Learn more at www.claybolt.com.

Clyde Butcher

Keynote Address: Florida – Where Water, Earth and Heaven Meet

Photo by Woody Walters

Clyde Butcher’s powerful black and white photographs explore his personal bond with the environment. The exquisite beauty and depth of his work draw the viewer into a relationship with nature. For more than fifty years, he has been preserving on film the untouched areas of the landscape. His images are captured with an 8”x 10”, 11”x 14”, and 12”x 20” view camera. The large format camera allows him to express the elaborate detail and textures that distinguish the intricacy of the landscape. The photographs range in sizes from 8×10 inches to 5×8 feet.

Clyde looks to the wilderness to answer questions that are probably very different from questions scientists ask. For Butcher, wilderness is a sacred necessity. He believes the mysterious spiritual experience of being close to nature is restorative and that discovering the intimate beauty of the natural world is healing to the human soul.

Butcher will always be identified with the Everglades; he is deeply committed to recording precious landscapes throughout the world. Clyde has been honored by the state of Florida with the highest award that can be given to a private citizen: the Artist Hall of Fame Award. He was privileged to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photography Association, 2011 Distinguished Artist Award from the Florida House in Washington DC and the Sierra Club has given him the Ansel Adams Conservation Award, which is given to a photographer who shows excellence in photography and has contributed to the public awareness of the environment.

Clyde has completed six Public Broadcasting programs on the environment of Florida, with three of them being award-winning documentaries. The most recent being America the Beautiful, a table top collection of his work from across the United States and Portfolio II – Florida, a collection of images from Florida.

A selection of Clyde’s photography can be seen at his Venice Gallery & Studio in Venice, Florida, and at his Big Cypress Gallery, which is located on thirteen acres in the center of the Everglades, mid-way between Naples and Miami on the Tamiami Trail (Hwy. 41), in the Big Cypress National Preserve. The gallery is surrounded by more than a million acres of National Park wetlands and cypress strands of wild Florida.

For more information on Clyde check out his website at www.clydebutcher.com

Nancy Carrizales

Breakout Session: Understanding Stock Photography Licensing

Nancy Carrizales

Nancy Carrizales is the President and Chief Operating Officer for Animals Animals/Earth Scenes, a rights managed stock photography agency specializing in natural history and environmental photography. Her 30+ years of experience include editing, negotiating and research in major photo agencies, including Magnum and Comstock. She is an active participant in discussions with publishers and members of multiple trade associations working to standardize definitions of terms used in editorial licensing. Nancy is currently serving as President of the Picture Archive Council of America (PACA) and has served on the Board of NANPA.

Daniel Cox

2012 Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year

Photo by Tanya Cox/

For over 30 years, Daniel J. Cox has been pursuing his life-long dream of photographing nature in all its elements. He has traveled to all seven continents in search of the images that inspire his art and inform his audience.

Dan’s work has been recognized and awarded in competitions including the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Nature’s Best. He has been featured in galleries such as Nikon House, NY and the Natural History Museum in London. Dan is a regular contributor to natural history publications worldwide. He works with Hewlett Packard as a consultant for their fine art printers, has been honored as a Nikon “Legend” and is a mentor for Popular Photography’s Mentor Series Treks. His most personally satisfying accomplishments include his two cover stories for National Geographic Magazine as well as his nearly ten years of volunteering as a communications specialist and advisory board member for Polar Bears International. He is sole photographer to twenty books.

To learn more about Daniel or join him on a photography expedition please visit www.naturalexposures.com

Nate Dappen

NANPA Lightning Talk: Photographing the Ibiza Lizard: The Symbol of the Pityusic Archipelago

Nate Dappen

Nate Dappen is a biologist, photographer and filmmaker based in New Jersey. He completed his PhD in biology in 2012. Nate got his undergraduate training at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he studied biology and photography. He is a NANPA college scholarship awardee and an award-winning filmmaker. Visit Nate at www.daysedgeproductions.com.

Greg Downing

Advance Your Skills Boot Camp: Tips & Tricks for Digital Bird & Wildlife Photography
Breakout Session: Tips for Avian Flight and Action Photography

Photo by Patsy Hall

Greg Downing has been traveling the world teaching professional and amateur photographers for more than a decade hosting his instructional workshops and seminars. Instructing photographers of all experience levels, Greg has earned a reputation for his gracious and generous teaching style.

Greg’s images are known for their unique style, exacting composition and strict attention to detail. As an internationally recognized photographer, his numerous publishing credits include books, advertising campaigns and editorial publications such as Birding Magazine, Outdoor Photographer Magazine, Birder’s World, National Geographic and many others. Especially passionate about birds, his images can also be found in printed form in several Wildbird Centers on the east coast, as well as appearing in private art exhibitions.

Since 2003 Greg has been the Publisher, President and sole owner of the popular NatureScapes.net website; the most comprehensive online resource for nature photographers. As Greg travels the world taking pictures he enjoys meeting others, teaching and sharing his passion while making new lifelong friends in the process. To see more of Greg’s work visit his website at www.gdphotography.com.

Suzi Eszterhas

Breakout Session: The Life of a Wildlife Photographer

Photo by Kari Odell Raaen

California-based wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas spends several months of the year shooting a wide variety of wildlife in the field. In recent years, she has specialized in documenting family life of endangered species and has become well known for her unprecedented work with newborn animals. She has undertaken commissions and led instructional photography tours and workshops all over the world. Her photographs have been published in books and magazines all over the world, including Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Ranger Rick, National Geographic Kids, and the cover of TIME.

Suzi is a fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and has won awards in many competitions, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition, National Wildlife Photo Contest, and Environmental Photographer of the Year Competition. Having recently become a Patron of the Sumatran Orangutan Society, Suzi also helps support the Cheetah Conservation Fund, International Rhino Foundation, Kibale Chimpanzee Project, Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary, Center for Animal Protection and Education and other organizations.


David FitzSimmons

Breakout Session: Publishing Your Photography Book

David FitzSimmons is a free-lance photographer and writer as well as a university professor. David photographs and writes for various magazines, including Popular Photography, Professional Photographer, Outdoor Photographer, and Shutterbug, newspapers, and online publications. His 100+ calendar credits include numerous titles by BrownTrout and Barnes & Noble. David is currently at work on a handful of books. His most recent books include Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools (Kent State UP, 2011) and Curious Critters (Wild Iris, 2011).

One of four Sigma Pro photographers in North America, David presents seminars and workshops to a wide variety of audiences, from public school groups and college classes to nature centers and civic organizations. His works have been exhibited at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, the National Center for Nature Photography, and at the Telluride Photo Festivals, among other venues.

David, a former high school English teacher, has been teaching for 20 years. He is a professor at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. in English from Ohio State University, with a specialty in narrative theory—investigating the components of storytelling—something that influences his photography and writing.

David was inspired to photograph and write about nature by his parents, Mick and Judy FitzSimmons, active environmentalists and life-long teachers, and he is assisted in his natural history endeavors by his wife, Olivia, a naturalist, and his two daughters, Sarah and Phoebe.

To see more of David’s work and to know more about seminars and photo workshops, visit www.fitzsimmonsphotography.com. Read more about David’s award-winning children’s picture book, Curious Critters—which has been featured on ABC-TV, NBC-TV, talk radio, The Huffington Post, Animal Planet.com, School Library Journal, and over 100 other media outlets—at www.curious-critters.com.

John Harrington

Advance Your Business Pro Day: Real Business, Real Estimates, Real Life: Surviving and Thriving as a Working Professional
Breakout Session: Profitable Fine Art Photography

For over two decades, John has covered the world of politics, traveled internationally, and negotiated contracts and licensing along the way. A 2007 recipient of the United Nations’ Leadership Award in the field of photography, Harrington’s work has appeared in Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone, and his commercial clients have included Coca-Cola, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Lockheed Martin, and the National Geographic Society.

John has produced three commissioned books for the Smithsonian, and the second edition of his book, Best Business Practices for Photographers, remains a best seller.  In the Fall of 2010, a retrospective of the first 20 years in the profession – Photographs from the Edge of Reality – revisited highlights of his career. John has lectured across the United States to events for the American Society of Media Photographers, Advertising Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of America, and the National Press Photographers Association.  John concluded serving his second term as the President of the White House News Photographers Association in May of 2011.

photobusinessforum.blogspot.com | www.johnharrington.com

Morgan Heim

NANPA Lightning Talk: CAT in WATER

Morgan Heim

Morgan Heim is a conservation photographer, filmmaker and an associate fellow with the International League of Conservation Photographers. She works with NGOs and magazines, such as Smithsonian, National Parks and The WILD Foundation. Mo is always looking to build the ranks of conservation-minded photographers, and believes it’s never too soon to start making a difference. See more at www.moheimphotography.com.

Corey Hilz

Breakout Session: Lensbaby for Nature Photographers

Photo by Don Rosenberger

Corey Hilz is a professional photographer specializing in nature and travel photography. He is a published author and his work is seen in magazines, books and calendars, as well as in art galleries. Corey finds the diversity in nature and cultures around the world offer boundless opportunities for new images. He approaches his subjects with an artistic eye, looking for a fresh perspective. He strives to share the beauty of a destination you’ve never seen and provide a new way of seeing a place you know well.

Corey has built his stock of photographs from travel and extensive exploration of local areas, believing some of the most interesting subjects are found close to home. Corey has a passion for helping others improve their photography by sharing his knowledge through group and private instruction. He leads workshops to locations in the United States and abroad. Corey is recognized as a Lensbaby Guru, and authored the first book dedicated to Lensbabies, titled Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective. His most recent books focus on digital workflow with Photoshop and Aperture. Find out more on Corey’s website: coreyhilz.com

Lewis Kemper

Advance Your Skills Boot Camp: Light, Color and Composition
Breakout Session: Lightroom Essentials: Mastering the Library and Develop Modules

Lewis Kemper has been photographing the natural beauty of North America and its parklands for over 30 years. Lewis photographs in color using Canon digital cameras and 4 x 5 cameras. . He has been selected to Canon’s Explorers of Light program featuring 62 of the country’s most influential photographers. His monograph, “Capturing the Light” won the People’s Choice Awards in Fine Art in the 2009 Photography.Book.Now competition. His latest publication “Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide” was voted in the top 20 field guides. And he produces the acclaimed digital imaging training DVD’s “The Photographer’s Toolbox for Photoshop®” and “The Photographer’s Toolbox for Lightroom”. Lewis is a contributing editor to Outdoor and NANPA Currents magazine. Lewis has taught hundreds of workshops and lectures around the country for organizations including: Canon USA, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Santa Fe Workshops, Light Workshops, Aspen Photoworkshops. He teaches both Photoshop and Lightroom online at Betterphoto.com. His website is www.LewisKemper.com.

Robert Glenn Ketchum

Jacksonville Symphony Celebrates Nature Photography

Over the last 45 years, Robert Glenn Ketchum’s imagery, writing, exhibitions, numerous books and personal activism have helped to define photography’s successful use in conservation advocacy. At the same time, Ketchum’s decades of color printing are one of the most unique bodies of work in contemporary color photography, and the textile translations of his photographs created in China since the early 1980’s are among the most beautiful and complex textiles in contemporary art.

Ketchum was named by Audubon magazine as one of the 100 people “who shaped the environmental movement of the 20th Century.” American Photo magazine listed him one of the 100 most important people in contemporary photography in the 1990’s, and then in 2010, named him 5th in their very select American Masters series. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz, were the four previously recognized. Recent work in new technologies has further prompted Digital Photo Pro magazine to name Ketchum one of the new digital masters. His many awards include recognition as the Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year (2001) from NANPA.

Ketchum’s work is in numerous collections including the Museum of Modern Art (NY), The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the High Museum (GA), and the Houston Museum of Fine Art (TX). Large study collections (over 100 images) have been established at the Huntington Library, Museums and Garden (CA), and the Amon Carter Museum (TX).

Ketchum received his B.A. cum laude from UCLA where he studied with Robert Heinecken, Edmund Teske and Robert Fichter. Ketchum was one of the first M.F.A’s from California Institute of the Arts, where he taught briefly, and he has also received an honorary MS from Brooks Institute of Photography.

Ketchum was a founding board member of the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies. As a curator he discovered, developed and toured the historic archive of the seminal color photographer, Paul Outerbridge; assembled a life retrospective of eminent black photographer, James Van der Zee; and, was the first to show notable contemporary color photographer John Divola’s “Zuma” series. For 15-years, Ketchum also served as served as the Curator of Photography for the National Park Foundation for whom he organized the exhibit and wrote “American Photographers and the National Parks” the defining history of conservation photography in North America.

Ketchum is a NANPA member, a founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), and a lifetime Trustee of the Alaska Conservation Foundation. He is also distinguished lecturer and teacher whose public engagements have included everything from small high schools to large colleges, multi-national corporations and the National Academy of Sciences.

George Lepp

Advance Your Skills Boot Camp: Extending Depth of Field
Breakout Session: Going to Great Lengths: The Panorama in Wildlife & Landscape Photography

George D. Lepp is one of North America’s best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers. His passions for natural beauty, technical precision, cutting-edge technology, and environmental responsibility are revealed in his beautiful and compelling photographic images. He is also widely recognized for his unique dedication to sharing his photographic and biological knowledge with other photographers through his seminars and writing. In both realms, George Lepp is a leader in the rapidly advancing field of digital imaging.

Lepp’s images have appeared in some of the world’s most widely viewed venues and on the covers of many books and magazines, including Natural History, Car and Driver, PC Photo, and Outdoor Photographer; at prestigious galleries and museums throughout the United States; and at the corporate headquarters of Canon USA, Eastman Kodak, and Epson America. He was chosen by Canon USA as one of the first members of its Explorers of Light program, which features the industry’s most influential photographers. He is known for his sweeping panoramas that capture the magnificence of locations in Africa, Antarctica, the Netherlands, and North America. His stock and assignment photography is represented by Getty, Corbis, and Photo Researchers.

Lepp is regularly read in popular photographic magazines; he is the field editor of Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer, where he has a monthly column. He is the author of many books, including Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field, Golden Poppies of California, and Beyond the Basics I and II: Innovative Techniques for Outdoor and Nature Photography, as well as hundreds of articles on photography. He has taught at Photoshop World, Santa Fe Workshops, Palm Beach Workshops, and founded the Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging, now known as Light Photographic Workshops. Lepp is a founding board member and fellow of the North American Nature Photographers Association and winner of many awards for his work, including Photo Media’s Photography Person of the Year and the prestigious Progress Award, the highest given by the Photographic Society of America.

First trained in wildlife and wild lands management, George Lepp later earned a BPA and honorary MS in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute. He and his wife Kathryn, a writer and editor, live in Bend, Oregon. Contact him through his web site, www.GeorgeLepp.com.

Piper McKay

NANPA Lightning Talk: Eastern Africa: The Ultimate Destination

Piper McKay

Piper Mackay is a professional wildlife and cultural photographer. Her images are licensed through Getty images and have graced the pages of numerous publications. Her images have been displayed at the Smithsonian, Museum of History and industry, Art Wolfe Gallery, and G2 gallery. Piper leads photographic adventures throughout Africa. Learn more at www.pipermackayphotography.com.

Mike Moats

Advance Your Skills Boot Camp: Macro Photography in Nature
Breakout Session: Macro Photography–Beyond Flowers and Bugs

It all started in 2001 when Mike decided to purchase a used 35mm camera and some lenses from eBay. He had spent most of my life pursuing adventures in the outdoors and thought nature photography would be a great way to spend time in the woods and fields. Little did he know that by 2004 he would be starting a part time photography business which would become his full time job by 2008. His images and articles have been published in Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best, Nature Photographer, Photolife, PC Photo, NANPA’s Expressions, and many more. He has won numerous local and international awards and is featured as a “Macro Master” on the Tamron website. Mike conducts various macro workshops across the country, and his three day “Macro Boot Camp” is the most popular. Visit Mike’s Macro Nature Forum, www.macronatureforum.com, where photographers can post their images or discuss macro photography. To view Mike’s macro images, books, and see his workshop schedule, go to www.tinylandscapes.com.

Grover Sanschagrin

Advance Your Business Pro Day: What Photo Buyers Want to See in Your Website
Breakout Session: The Photographer’s Formula for Modern Marketing Success

Grover Sanschagrin is co-founder of PhotoShelter. His primary role is to educate photographers about business and marketing through live speaking engagements and via the PhotoShelter blog.

Before PhotoShelter, Grover served in management roles at several large-scale online productions including ChicagoTribune.com, NBCOlympics.com, and FinalFour.net. Grover is a founder and president of SportsShooter.com, the largest sports photography website on the Internet, and also operates TasteTequila.com to serve his primary non-photography passion.

Grover studied Photography and Photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Ohio University, and worked as a staff photographer for several newspapers in Michigan before turning his attention to technology projects serving the photography world.

Rob Sheppard

Breakout Session: Working with the Photo eBook — Great Possibilities for Photographers

Rob Sheppard is a naturalist, nature photographer and videographer who says his favorite location is the one he is in at any time. He is the author/photographer of over 40 books, as well as a well-known speaker and workshop leader, and a Fellow with the North American Nature Photography Association. He was the long-time editor of the prestigious Outdoor Photographer magazine and helped start PCPhoto (Digital Photo). Presently he is editor-at-large for Outdoor Photographer. He trained both as a photographer and a naturalist specializing in ecology and botany.

As author/photographer, Sheppard has written hundreds of articles about photography and nature, plus books including the Magic of Digital Landscape Photography, The Magic of Digital Nature Photography, Digital Photographer’s Complete Guide to HD Video and the National Geographic Field Guide to Digital Photography.
His website is at www.robsheppardphoto.com; his blog is at www.natureandphotography.com.

Ian Shive

Advance Your Business Pro Day: State of the Industry: A Perspective of the Business of Nature Photography
Breakout Session: Motion Picture Storytelling for the Nature Photographer

Ian Shive is an award-winning conservation photographer, author, educator, film producer and environmental advocate, most recently recognized as the recipient of the Sierra Club’s 2011 Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography. Shive regularly works as an assignment photographer for The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and National Park Conservation Association with his work appearing in many other publications around the world including National Geographic, Time, Ski, Travel Channel, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Popular Science, Men’s Journal, Outside and hundreds of others. Often referred to as the leading chronicler of America’s National Parks today, Shive’s book The National Parks: Our American Landscape has become a best-selling photography book and has helped shape diplomacy efforts around the world through his Wilderness Diplomacy initiative, currently underway in Afghanistan.

In addition to being an active photographer, Shive is also the founder and CEO of Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc., one of the world’s leading photography and motion clip licensing agencies representing over 400 photographers worldwide specializing in the genres of environment/nature, travel, culture/geography, adventure sports and healthy living lifestyles.

When he is not running operations at Tandem or fulfilling an assignment, Shive shares his knowledge as a photojournalism instructor at the University of Southern California. He resides in Los Angeles. Ian’s website is ianshive.wordpress.com

Mac Stone

NANPA Lightning Talk: The Last True Wilderness

Mac Stone

Mac Stone has spent the last 10 years traveling the Americas on a mission to connect the public with the outdoors. His images have been featured in publications like National Parks Magazine, Audubon Magazine, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife, and many more. Recently, Mac has aimed his camera at America’s swamps, focusing on the Everglades, Florida Bay, and the disappearing wetlands of the southeastern United States. To learn more, visit www.macstonephoto.com.

Mary Virginia Swanson

Advance Your Business Pro Day: FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs
Breakout Session: To Be Published, or Self Publish?

Photo by Jessica Tampas

Mary Virginia Swanson is an author, educator and consultant who helps artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative audiences and present their work in an informed, professional manner. A trusted mentor and advisor, her seminars and lectures on marketing opportunities have proven to aid photographers in moving their careers to the next level.

Swanson has a diverse professional background, having coordinated educational, publication and exhibition programs for a wide range of institutions and businesses in our field and is considered an expert in the field of marketing and licensing fine art. After completing her MFA in Photography (Arizona State University), she directed educational programs for The Friends of Photography in Carmel, California, including the Ansel Adams Workshop. Swanson relocated to NYC in 1984 to direct special projects at Magnum Photos at which time she recognized the opportunities for artists to develop second markets for their work, and in 1991 founded SWANSTOCK, an innovative agency managing licensing rights for fine art photographers. Swanson currently works individually with photographers providing creative guidance, aiding in career strategies, branding and marketing efforts. Photograph Magazine’s “In Profile” column highlighted Swanson’s diverse career in the July/August 2011 issue.

Swanson is a frequent presenter and Portfolio Reviewer at industry events such as PhotoPlus Expo, FotoFest, PhotoLucida, FotoWeek DC, and the Palm Springs Photography Festival, among others. She maintains a popular blog about opportunities for photographers called Marketing Photos and has contributed articles to numerous industry publications, including Photo District News and British Journal of Photography among others. She gives back to the community by serving on the Advisory Boards of non-profit organizations too numerous to mention.

Swanson coauthored with Darius Himes the acclaimed Publish Your Photography Book (Princeton Architectural Press, 2011), and her greatly anticipated self-published title Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs will be available Fall 2012 through her website: www.mvswanson.com

Swanson is based in Tucson, Arizona and NYC.

Tony Sweet

Advance Your Skills Boot Camp: Creative Alternatives – Plugins Unplugged
Breakout Session: A Look into the Photo Bucket

After successful careers as a jazz musician and educator, and professional magician, Tony settled on photography as his chosen means for personal expression. Beginning as a film photographer, he reluctantly moved to the digital age. Probably one of the last of his peers to “go digital,” Tony has become facile in imaging software, specializing in plugins. As a charter Nik Team member, Tony teaches and lectures throughout the United States and Canada on the creative use of plugins.

Tony and Susan Milestone conduct Visual Artistry photography location workshops in the United States, Canada and Iceland. Tony maintains an active speaking schedule to photography organizations, industry trade shows and PPA schools across the continental United States and Canada. His articles and images are featured in Shutterbug and Rangefinder magazines, and he is a contributor to Nikonusa.com. He is also a staff writer for Nikon World magazine and staff instructor on betterphoto.com.

Tony’s photography is published worldwide in every medium and is represented by Getty Images. His iPhone photography is represented by Aurora Photos. Tony’s images are also used by Nikon, NikSoftware, Singh Ray, Alien Skin, Lensbaby and others for national ad campaigns. An interview with Tony on macro photography was published in The New York Times.

Tony has authored five books on the art of photography: Fine Art Nature Photography (’02), Fine Art Flower Photography (’05), Fine Art Nature Photography: Water, Ice, Fog (’07), Fine Art Digital Photography (’09) and HDR Photography (2011). He and Masterphoto Workshops have co-produced four photography DVDs: Visual Artistry, HDR Made Easy, Visual Literacy and Flower Photography Artistry, as well as an iPhone instructional video series.

Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, a charter member of Team Nik (NikSoftware), a Lensbaby Guru and a Bogen mentor.


Guy Tal

Breakout Session: Telling Our Stories – Nature Photography as a Creative Art

Guy Tal is a professional photographic artist, speaker, instructor and author. His work has appeared in several publications, including Outdoor Photographer, Popular Photography, and PhotoLife. In his work, Guy seeks to create meaningful interpretations, bridging the gap between the realm of the objective and documentary and that of thoughts and emotions inspired by wildness and wilderness.

Guy believes that the proper expression of gratitude for a life of adventure and inspiration is to pay it forward. Few things are as rewarding to him as sharing some of the events, stories and images that have shaped his own journey, and the lessons they inspired. Among his many experiences, he has been a soldier in the war-torn Middle East, a university teacher, a technology evangelist, a business owner, a Fortune-500 IT consultant and manager, an artist, a wilderness guide, a desert rat, and a resident of a small, rural desert town. He has been privileged to witness and experience immense beauty, drama and tragedy, moments of blissful solitude on mountaintops and in the depths of canyons, and lasting friendships with amazing people and magical places.

Guy’s work can be seen at his web site: http://guytal.com
Guy’s books and eBooks can be purchased at his online bookstore: http://guytalbooks.com

Carlton Ward

Breakout Session: Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Producing a Conservation Photography Campaign

Carlton Ward Jr. is a conservation photographer from Tampa, Florida. His passion for nature was born from the Florida landscape, where eight generations of family history have grounded his perspective. He sees natural environments and cultural legacies as the earth’s greatest yet most threatened resources. For his first book, The Edge of Africa, Carlton spent eight months in the tropical rain forests of Gabon with the Smithsonian Institution documenting the region’s unseen and undiscovered biological diversity. The photographs were exhibited in Gabon, London and at a United Nations reception in New York. Carlton’s work documenting endangered desert elephants in Mali was on the cover of Smithsonian Magazine and comprised a chapter in the National Geographic book, Great Migrations.

Carlton is a founding fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP) and founded the Legacy Institute for Nature & Culture (LINC), a non-profit organization with the purpose of celebrating and protecting Florida’s natural and cultural heritage through art. While completing a Master’s degree in Ecology, Carlton wrote Conservation Photography, the first thesis on the emerging field. His 2009 Book, Florida Cowboys, won a silver medal in the Florida Book Awards and for that work Popular Photography Magazine featured him as one of three photographers working to save vanishing America.

Carlton’s current focus is the Florida Wildlife Corridor, a public awareness initiative he established in 2009. In 2012, he co-led the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition – a 100 day, 1000 mile trek that explored the last remaining natural path through the length of the Florida peninsula. The expedition began in Everglades National Park in January and reached the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in southern Georgia on Earth Day, April 22. National Geographic Explorer Michael Fay joined the journey for the final week. The Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition story will be released as national PBS film to in January 2013.

Right now, Carlton is continuing to photograph within the Florida Wildlife Corridor, concentrating on private ranches in the Northern Everglades that are candidates for protection through the new Everglades Headwaters National Wildlife Refuge and Conservation Area, proposed expansion of the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge and proposed creation of a new Refuge and Conservation Area near Fisheating Creek.

Carlton’s photographs are featured in magazines including Audubon, Smithsonian, Geo, Nature Conservancy, and National Wildlife. Limited-edition prints are exhibited in galleries and museums and available through CarltonWard.com.

Art Wolfe

20th Anniversary Retrospective

The son of commercial artists, Art Wolfe was born on Seattle, Washington, and still calls the city home. His photography career has spanned five decades, a remarkable testament to the durability and demand for his images, his expertise, and his passionate advocacy for the environment and indigenous culture. During that time he has worked on every continent, in hundreds of locations, and on a dazzling array of projects.

Wolfe has taken an estimated two million images in his lifetime and travels nearly nine months out of the year photographing for new projects, leading photographic tours and seminars, and giving inspirational presentations to corporate, educational, environmental and spiritual groups.

Long before the genre of ‘conservation photography’ was conceived, Wolfe was practicing it. In 1997 he created a conservation-themed photography contest as “an event for the advancement of photography as a unique medium capable of bringing awareness and preservation to our environment through art.” Today the International Conservation Photography Awards draws entries from around the world and is exhibited and traveled by The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle.

Since 1989 he has published at least one book a year—1997 alone saw seven titles in the United States and abroad. He has released over eighty books, including the award- winning Vanishing Act, The High Himalaya, Water: Worlds between Heaven & Earth, Tribes, Rainforests of the World, The Art of Photographing Nature, Pacific Northwest, Land of Light and Water, as well as numerous children’s titles. His books have sold over 500,000 copies and have been translated into eight languages.

In May 2007 Art made his public television debut with the high definition series “Art Wolfe’s Travels to the Edge,” an intimate and upbeat series that offers unique insights on nature, culture, and the realm of digital photography. The thirteen-episode first season garnered American Public Television’s 2007 Programming Excellence Award—unprecedented for a first season show. The thirteen-episode second season garnered five Silver Telly Awards, their highest honor, for outstanding achievement. It has been broadcast more than 180,000 times in the United States alone and is now seen in syndication throughout the world.

Education is a major component of Wolfe’s work, whether it is about the environment or about photography. In an exciting collaboration of the most renowned nature photographers in the world, he is combining forces with Frans Lanting and Thomas Mangelsen on the Masters of Nature Photography workshops.

Along with his numerous book and television awards, Wolfe is the proud recipient of the Photographic Society of America’s Progress Medal for his contribution to the advancement of the art and science of photography; he has been awarded with a coveted Alfred Eisenstaedt Magazine Photography Award as well as named Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year by the North American Nature Photography Association. The National Audubon Society recognized Wolfe’s work in support of the national wildlife refuge system with its first-ever Rachel Carson Award. Wolfe has been a member of Canon’s elite list of renowned photographers Explorers of Light, Microsoft’s Icons of Imaging, Fujifilm’s Talent Team, and Nikon’s NPS Pros.

Follow Art on his blog at blog.artwolfe.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/art.wolfe.photography or on Twitter: @artwolfe

“It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed.”—Art Wolfe