Sandy Zelasko

Breakout Session | The Salton Sea Story: History & Hope

Sandy Zelasko

Sandy Zelasko, self-taught photographer, Sandra Lee Photography since 1992, devotes her attention to wildlife conservation through land acquisition. She unselfishly shares her wildlife photography to educate, her organizational skills to fundraise, and her curiosity to study environmental issues where wildlife preservation is a key factor.

Zelasko’s passion for wildlife was her motivation to partner with the Friends of Hellhole Canyon Open Space Preserve’s capitol campaign, targeted to acquire crucial property for a wildlife corridor in north San Diego County. From art donation to extensive behind-the-scene preparation, her efforts helped raise over $40,000 toward the purchase but more importantly raised public awareness for the project.

At her office in Valley Center, CA, Zelasko continues to build a portfolio of conservation endeavors. Dedicated research for The Salton Sea Story uncovered a new understanding of the complex restoration needs in the Imperial Valley of Southern California. Although the outcome for the sea and its complicated issues is far from certain, Zelasko remains positive and focused on solutions beneficial to our wild neighbors and their fragile ecosystem.

Sandy leads The Salton Sea Story at 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019.