Advance Your Business Pro Day (Post Summit)

Whether you are a full-time professional or heading in that direction, our Pro Day on Sunday, February 22, is designed for you.  This is a full-day session about the business of nature photography – how to improve your marketing, protect your work, latest developments, and new techniques to increase your sales and differentiate your business.  Our speakers are the people full time professionals look to for help.  And we’ll have a lot of fun as you join your peers in a day of learning.

8:00am – 4:00pm (lunch included)

Jennifer Wu – Sponsored by Canon Explorers of Light
Making a Living as a Professional Photographer

(8:00am – 9:00am)

Richard Halperin – Copyright Protection for Professionals
(9:30am – 10:30am)

Sonia Shaner Wasco – A Real Life Example of Copyright Infringement
(10:45am – 11:05am)

Melissa Ryan – From an Editor’s Point‐of‐View
(11:10am – 11:45am)

Lunch (included in registration) – 11:45am – 12:45pm

Danita Delimont – Licensing for Buyers and Photographers
(12:45pm – 2:00pm)

Grover Sanschagrin – Content Marketing Tools for Photographers
(2:30pm – 4:00pm)

Jennifer WuSponsored by Canon Explorers of Light
Making a Living as a Professional Photographer


Jennifer WuJennifer Wu has made her living as a professional photographer since 1992.  During that time, she’s had her work published in Fortune, Time, Business Week, and many other magazines.  She’s been in Canon’s Explorer of Light Program since 2009, speaks regularly, leads photo tours, and produces gallery exhibits.  Join Jennifer for this informative session where she details what she’s done to survive as a photographer.  She’ll cover working with galleries/art shows, book sales, workshops/seminars, and getting sponsorships.

Richard Halperin – Copyright Protection for Professionals

Rich HalperinThis program supplements Richard Halperin’s Copyright Registration breakout.  It will be largely a question-and answer session to address, realistically, a copyright owner’s recourse in the event of an infringement, including the filing of a “DMCA takedown notice” for online infringement.  If time permits, there will also be a discussion of protection of copyrights from the claims of creditors and from estate tax and, for those who did not attend the Copyright Registration breakout, the fundamentals of copyright registration.

Sonia Shaner Wasco - Industry Tidbits from the Professionals

Sonia WascoSonia Shaner Wasco of Grant Heilman Photography, Inc., will present a behind the scenes look at copyright infringement. Grant Heilman Photography recently went to trial against McGraw Hill Publishing for copyright infringement. The jury found in favor of Grant Heilman for all 8 counts. The case is the largest infringement action against a publisher that has made it all the way to trial.

Melissa Ryan
– From an Editor’s Point‐of‐View

Melissa RyanMagazine photo editors face a slew of everyday challenges to find the right images or assign the right photographers to bring their publications to life. What do photo editors care about most? How can you catch the attention of that photo editor you’re dying to work with? What can you do to keep an editor as a client and what should you not do that might drive them crazy?

Melissa Ryan, Director of Photography for Nature Conservancy Magazine, will provide timely, real-life examples from a variety of magazine photo editors on their daily challenges, such as: keeping track of photographers & managing relationships with them, story development & research, wildlife photography & ethics, and digital workflow & ethics.

Danita Delimont – Licensing for Buyers and Photographers

delimontThe Licensing Game has changed! We’ve been licensing stock images for many years, but now the game has changed! The tumultuous change on an international scale is both alarming and extraordinary. The lines between Rights Managed and Royalty Free licenses have been blurred. How do we continue to make some money from our images when competition is at an all-time high? Who are we competing against and how can we adapt? What are some strategies for partnership and distribution on a global scale? These and other issues will be discussed and debated so that we can all open our eyes to what’s really going on out there and determine how or if we want to continue down the path of licensing stock photography.

Grover Sanschagrin – Content Marketing Tools for Photographers

Grover SanschagrinThe secret ingredient to successful, modern marketing is content — real, authentic, high-quality content. For most people, this is a huge challenge. But for you, as a photographer, it isn’t because you are a content creator! In this session, Grover Sanschagrin, Co-Founder of PhotoShelter, will talk about innovative ways content can be used in marketing and lead generation campaigns. Webinars, “content kits”, white papers, instructional videos, and community-building will be discussed. Most photographers are unaware that these marketing opportunities exist, and often outperform regular marketing activities, so this is your chance to get ahead of the pack.