Advance Your Business Pro Day (Post Summit)

Whether you are a full-time professional or heading in that direction, our Pro Day on Sunday, February 22, is designed for you.  This is a full-day session about the business of nature photography – how to improve your marketing, working with photo buyers, optimizing images for maximum revenue, and new techniques to increase your sales and differentiate your business.  Our speakers are the people full time professionals look to for help.  And we’ll have a lot of fun as you join your peers in a day of learning.

7:30am – 5:30pm (lunch included)

John Harrington – Real Business, Real Estimates, Real Life: Surviving and Thriving as a Working Professional

Grover Sanschagrin (PhotoShelter) – What Photo Buyers Want to See in Your Website

Ian Shive – State of the Industry: A Perspective of the Business of Nature Photography

Mary Virginia Swanson – FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs

John Harington – Real Business, Real Estimates, Real Life: Surviving and Thriving as a Working Professional

Join John Harrington, author of the best-selling “Best Business Practices for Photographers, for an insightful and solutions-oriented presentation on how to generate more revenue from the assignments, through pricing examples and discussions, negotiation strategies and demystifying licensing of your work.

Unlock the mysteries surrounding how to price your work, and learn ways to negotiate from a position of strength. When it comes to licensing, how do you write a license that gives the client the permissions they paid for, without leaving loopholes you could drive a truck through?

Through a series of actual negotiated assignments, we will break down the negotiation and explain how to plan for the questions you’ll get, and to know the best ways to answer them. When it comes to pricing, there seems to be a world of secrecy around rates. We will discuss solutions for stock and assignment pricing, as well as discuss tools for you to establish your own. When it comes to licensing, we’ll discuss and explain the standardized licensing solution that is the Picture Licensing Universal System (or PLUS), and how to write a license, where to put the licensing language, and what the best format will be. Throughout the program, all of these elements will be integrated into each assignment discussed.

Grover Sanschagrin (PhotoShelter) – Photo Buyers: Who They Are, Where They Are, and What They Want to See

Is anyone buying photos anymore? In this presentation we will examine the different types of photo buyers, where you can find them, how to make sure your website and marketing efforts are connecting with them, and how you can stand out in a crowded and competitive field. The times, expectations, and habits of photo buyers have changed, and the most successful photographers are adapting right along with them.

Ian Shive – State of the Industry: A Perspective of the Business of Nature Photograph

Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. is a photography and motion clip licensing agency that was launched nearly three years ago during one of the worst economic climates to start a new business in modern times…let alone a stock photography business. Today, the agency has rapidly grown to become one of the leading image providers in its genres of environment/nature, travel, culture, adventure sports and healthy living lifestyles. Join the Tandem team as they present what they learned during this time and how their cutting-edge techniques catapulted the company into the international spotlight, and how you can apply these same techniques to your business and marketing strategy.

This richly informative panel will explore how the “free-media” market, viral campaigns and social media are driving a new way of thinking and doing business in the traditional stock licensing market. The panel will explore free-media business models and lead a discussion on how free-media and social media may drive future revenue models for photographers as well as general trends in the editorial and commercial marketplace. The panel will also explore other top-selling trends, statistics on buyer trends and an analysis of where licensing is headed with the iPad and mobile media markets, including nuanced legal pitfalls that photographers may unknowingly fall victim.

Mary Virginia Swanson – FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs

Photo by Jessica Tampas

In this visual presentation, author, educator and creative consultant Mary Virginia Swanson will discuss the most effective and efficient ways to identify appreciative audiences for your photographs, and to present yourself and your work in a professional, effective manner.

Finding Your ImageSwanson will survey the diverse panorama of opportunities for placement of your work, and share her expertise on researching, analyzing and approaching potential markets. She will explain the strategies surrounding submission of work to national and international juried exhibitions, as well as investing in portfolio review events such as FotoFest, PHOTONOLA, and Review Santa Fe, among others. Art fairs such as AIPAD and Photo LA will be discussed from the perspective of assessing market trends, helping artists determine which dealers are most appropriate and representative of their work, and provide insights into the ideal terms of such relationships. Participants will gain an understanding of what it means to grant the rights to allow others to reproduce their work. Swanson will also describe the professional practices necessary to effectively present your photographs in the market and will share examples of effective self-promotional materials, both in print and on-line formats. Swanson’s lecture is richly illustrated with current examples of print, web and social media self-promotion campaigns that have proven to make a difference. Swanson will share resources from her recent self-published title Finding Your Audience: An Introduction to Marketing Your Photographs (Fall 2012).

Whether you are interested in securing a regional, national or international audience for your photographs, this seminar will be of value.