Guidelines For Portfolio, Editorial, And Video Reviews

The reviews offered at the Summit are a great opportunity to meet with experienced photo professionals from various fields to review your best work. You will be able to show your photographic portfolio or video, seek marketing advice, or propose an illustrated article, photo essay, and book or exhibit idea.

Regardless of the level or type of review you select, you should be well prepared to avoid wasting your time (and that of the reviewer). Do your research: consider who you are seeing and what they are most likely to want to see by checking their bios, websites or products. We have asked the reviewers to tell you in their bios what types of portfolios they wish to review.

Bearing in mind that a portfolio is meant to be a sampling of what you consider to be your best work, or a body of work representing a current project, the following guidelines may help you in your preparation and presentation.

Photographic Portfolio Reviews

You should show a flat printed portfolio or a digital presentation of your work. You may present your work on a laptop, tablet or hard copy prints. We are not able to provide electronic devices, so bringing files on a thumb drive without a laptop or other device will not be sufficient.

How to Prepare:

  1. Provide no more than 40 images (20-30 is the suggested number): high-quality digital images or color or black-and-white prints displayed in a portfolio book, box or folder
  2. Images should be captioned with species name, scientific name (if known), location, and marked if captive or digitally altered (beyond levels, curves, contrast, hue/saturation, color or white balance adjustments, and sharpening).
  3. Where possible, your credit line should appear on all images.
  4. Pay great attention to the order or sequence of images, as well as the flow of color grouping.
  5. Themes and mini sequences can be a useful tool to help with your grouping.
  6. The goal is uninterrupted flow with one color or shape leading to another, or one theme leading to another.
  7. Never repeat an image (or similar) within your portfolio unless there is an artistic reason.
  8. If you will be showing your images in digital format, at least 5 minutes prior to your review time, you should have your computer on and booted up with your digital portfolio loaded and on screen ready for review.
  9. Please note, there will not be internet access in the portfolio review room.  Do not rely on accessing images you have posted on the web for your portfolio.

Editorial Portfolio Reviews

A. Book

  1. Brief proposal/letter (one page) to include content, structure, audience, relevance and reason for publishing.
  2. Two sample chapter outlines and a half-page of text (to 300 words).
  3. Design ideas in a nutshell.
  4. Maximum of 30 images (see notes above) to illustrate the proposal.

B. Magazine

  1. Brief proposal/letter (one page) to include thorough outline stating relevance and reason for publishing.
  2. Introductory paragraphs (up to 300 words).
  3. Maximum of 30 images (see notes above) to illustrate the proposal.
  4. Suggestions for a writer if not the photographer.

Other notes

  • All reviews last a minimum of 20 minutes with a 10-minute grace period for the reviewer to make notes, and for you to collect up your materials.
  • Reviews may not last longer than the 30 minute time slot. We will announce when the 20 minutes is up and that there is 10 minutes to wrap up. Please remember that other people will be waiting to meet with the reviewer after you and we need to stay on schedule.
  • If you find that 30 minutes is not enough time with a reviewer you will need to stop the review at the allotted time and then sign up for an additional time slot (if there is one available)
  • Please arrive a few minutes early for your scheduled review and check in with the desk to see if there have been any changes. Please stay in the review room after checking in.
  • Have a business card, promotional piece or information sheet on yourself, to give to the reviewer (this especially applies to Advanced or Pro).
  • Ideally this promotional piece should reflect something that you have shown the reviewer.
  • Ask the reviewer to suggest 1 – 2 images that you could use on a promotional piece.
  • If appropriate ask the reviewer to suggest other avenues you should pursue, other people to see.
  • Please fill out the evaluation sheet at the conclusion of your review.

Questions? Contact the Review Chairperson:

Gina Head –