NANPA Lightning Talks

Have you heard of TED Talks? Come experience NANPA’s version featuring a series of short, stunning presentations by outstanding NANPA members. From art to conservation to adventure, this session will feature visual storytelling at its best. Join Mac Stone, Karine Aigner, Piper MacKay, Morgan Heim and Nate Dappen for this twist on a NANPA breakout!

Saturday, March 2                                 2:00pm – 3:00pm

Mac StoneMac Stone – The Last True Wilderness – Ever since early pioneers began moving through the southeastern United States, swamps have bared the undeserved scarlet letter of impediments to progress and civilization and are one of the most misunderstood and undervalued ecosystems in the world. Mac has worked in the lowlands of South Carolina and Florida documenting the enigmatic, subtle pulse of life in these secluded areas. Come understand swamps as refuges for wildlife and as some of the last remaining true wildernesses of our rapidly developing country.

Karine AignerKarine Aigner – Sex, Drugs and iPhonography – You may think it’s just a gimmick-but, more photographs are taken with cell phones than any other device in the history of mankind. Becoming more popular all the time, these days it’s hard to tell if you are looking at an image from a DSLR or a phone. Learn tips and tricks on cell phone photography, and how to project your brand into a social media space using your phone.

Piper McKayPiper Mackay – Eastern Africa: The Ultimate Destination – The wildlife in Eastern Africa is unparalleled in anywhere in the world. Experience Africa’s wilds from the great migration, known as the greatest wildlife show on earth to the endangered mountains gorillas to The Tribes of the Omo Valley.

Morgan HeimMorgan Heim – CAT in WATER – CAT in WATER follows friends Morgan and Joanna on a trek to find the endangered fishing cats of Thailand. But as the world falls apart around them, and the girls struggle in a foreign land, will they find the cat before it’s too late?

Nate DappenNate Dappen – Photographing the Ibiza Lizard:  The Symbol of the Pityusic Archipelago – The Ibiza Wall Lizard is the symbol of Spain’s Pityusic islands. This species is one of the world’s only reptile pollinators and may have the greatest color diversity of all lizard species. They are also a popular motif appearing on every imaginable product in the islands. He and his partners have raised $20K on to fund a photography expedition and to create a book about this amazing species.