Program Highlights

Attendees can participate live and will also have access to recorded sessions and the exhibit hall until May 31, 2021.


The Grand Canyon: The River Within

featuring Tom Blagden

2021 NANPA Environmental Impact Award

Rafting on the Colorado River 270 miles through the Grand Canyon is one of the most unique, exhilarating, and challenging wilderness trips in America. Tom Blagden has made fourteen photographic journeys down the canyon on the Colorado River in order to capture both its monumental and intimate qualities, resulting in the photography book The Grand Canyon- Unseen Beauty: Running the Colorado River (Rizzoli Publishers, 2019). His images evoke a place of powerful contrasts: blinding light and dark slot canyons, soft waters in a landscape of stone, silent drifts punctuated by deafening rapids, broiling heat hovering above a frigid river, and strangers forging friendships through shared adventure. The power of the experience is countered by the constant threats of development, water quality and mining. Through Tom’s photographs we will float a mile deep below the rim among rocks half the age of earth itself.

179: Lava Rapid, photo by Tom Blagden

Riding Out the Pandemic Self-Isolating with Mother Nature

featuring Dan Cox

2021 NANPA Fellow Award

Travel for my wife and me came to a screeching halt overnight in 2020, and we were lucky to get out of Indonesia before the U.S. shut its doors. I’ll share some of the work-in-progress I was creating in northern India’s Himalayas, Japan, and the island of Borneo. You’ll hear about the newest gear I’m using and how it’s changed my way of shooting. You’ll know the pros and cons of the two main systems I used while we traveled the world before lockdown. And finally, I’ll take you back to my roots. Shooting in Yellowstone and Montana. Living out of the back of my truck just like I did for three decades when I was earning my main income from producing stock photography of wildlife and nature.

White-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) flying in Hokkaido, Japan, photo by Daniel J. Cox

What Have You Done Lately?

featuring Jack Dykinga

2021 NANPA Fellow Award

Like everyone else, Jack Dykinga found his creative juices placed “on hold” during the prolonged isolation of the pandemic. But forced isolation was the catalyst he needed to expand his vision while staying mostly sane. Join Jack on a personal journey into self-examination during COVID-19 isolation, where curiosity leads to different approaches and different subjects. It’s a lesson for us all.

Baby Animals, Conservation and Sisterhood

featuring Suzi Eszterhas

2021 NANPA Outstanding Photographer of the Year

In a candid interview led by fellow photographer Sebastian Kennerknecht, Suzi Eszterhas talks about the ups and downs of her career and shares some of her greatest adventure stories, how she managed to raise $200K for conservation, why she started Girls Who Click, and how she uses passion projects to stay inspired. 

Sumatran Orangutan Pongo abelii 1.5 year old baby dangling from tree branch North Sumatra, Indonesia *Critically Endangered *Digitally removed branch in background. Image by Suzi Eszterhas

Sharing the Life: Wildlife and Wild Times

featuring Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

2021 NANPA Lifetime Achievement Award

For nearly 35 years, Joe and Mary Ann McDonald have been teaching photography workshops and leading photo tours around the world. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, from Yellowstone to India, the couple has shared their love of nature, their knowledge of animal behavior, and their commitment to conservation with others. But it all started back when Joe was a small tyke and Mary Ann was a mad scientist. Join the pair as they share their adventures along the way, an adventure that has been shared by hundreds—and one that is still not complete.

Two giraffes with necks arched towards each other, Zimanga Private Game Reserve, Zululand, South Africa, image by Joe and Mary Ann McDonald

Fine Art Photography

featuring Ron Rosenstock

2021 NANPA Fine Art in Nature Photography Award

What is fine art photography? What do fine art photographers have in common and why do we have a need to create? Ron explores these questions and more—all the way back to the f64 group—and invites us to participate in an effective exercise for developing awareness. In the final segment of his presentation, Ron shares images of his work set to the music of Native American flute player Carlos Nakia.

The Borderlands Project: Ripples to Waves

featuring Krista Schlyer

2021 NANPA Environmental Impact Award

The Borderlands Project began in 2008 with the aim of raising public awareness about the ecological impacts of a US-Mexico Border wall. The project has included a 15-person expedition along the 2,000-mile border, a traveling fine art exhibit with shows in the US Congress and around the nation, an award-winning book, several film projects, hundreds of publications and lectures, and a digital story map of the border. In this presentation Krista Schlyer, winner of the NANPA Environmental Impact Award, will share images, outcomes, and insights from this decade-long conservation photography project. Following Krista’s presentation, her film Ay Mariposa, a collaboration with filmmakers Jenny Nichols and Morgan Heim, will screen for the NANPA Virtual Summit community.


Learn practical tips in the “Teach Me in 10” classroom—a space dedicated to 10-minute breakout sessions on a wide variety of topics in nature photography.


Hang out in the Members’ Theatre to see what your colleagues have been filming.