Jennifer Leigh Warner

Breakout Session | Ethics and the Nature Photographer

Jennifer Leigh Warner is a Fine Art Conservation Wildlife Photographer living in California and specializes in creating meaningful images that convey a message of hope for the natural world. Jennifer feels strongly that by sharing these images of beautiful animals in their natural environment, she can inspire those around her to protect the environment that they live in. As the Committee Chair of NANPA’s Ethics Committee, Jennifer promotes the ethical practice of photographing wildlife.

Born and raised in the state of Washington, Jennifer learned to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around her in the Pacific Northwest. She spent most of her formative years traveling around the world gaining an admiration for the diversity of the unique places of this planet. Jennifer started studying photography at an early age with an interest in capturing the natural places and creatures that inhabit this world. After graduating from Washington State University in 2005 she set off on her mission to preserve the world around her.

You can learn more about Jennifer and the conservation work that she does by visiting her website

Jennifer leads Ethics and the Nature Photographer at 3:30 pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019.