Flip Nicklin – Among Giants: A Life with Whales

Charles “Flip” Nicklin has spent three decades photographing more than 30 species of whales and dolphins, and is considered by many to be the world’s premier whale photographer. In this talk he’ll reveal how humans view whales through an ever-changing lens.

 “This is an adventure story about what we have learned about whales and how we have learned it. I will cover the last 40 years and include species from right whales to blue whales, from sperm whales to narwhals,” said Nicklin, a contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine.

 Nicklin’s family history is intertwined with whales: His great, great grandfather arrived in San Diego aboard the whaling ship Hopewell in 1845, when humans’ main tie to whales was hunting.

 In 1963 Nicklin’s father rescued a Bryde’s whale from fishing gear and was photographed atop it — a shot that became famous. “Though I had no idea at the time, this adventure set off a chain of events that put us in the middle of a movement to change our relationship with whales,” Nicklin said. Flip worked alongside his father on the 1979 whale IMAX film “Nomads of the Deep,” and built his career taking never-before-seen photos of whales alongside scientists.