Dewitt Jones -Celebrating What’s Right with the World!

For 20 years National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones has photographed for a wide range of stories around the globe. During this time Dewitt also has written a column in Outdoor Photographer magazine that has explored the spiritual side of photography. His articles have not just provided instruction, but also have inspired amateur and professional photographers alike to shoot from their hearts as well as their heads.

 A renowned lecturer, Dewitt has encouraged audiences across the country not just to capture great images, but to seek great experiences that expose their souls as well as their digital sensor. The inspiration that fires his creativity makes his presentations both positive and uplifting.

 Instead of focusing on the all too familiar environmental and other ills that beset our planet, Dewitt’s talk will highlight what he sees as the beneficial events and hopeful signs for the future. In this process he will share with us some of the best images and life lessons that he learned from his years as one of the world’s most gifted photographers. This will be an extraordinary event. Don’t miss it!