Brenda Tharp


Brenda Tharp is a self-taught fine art nature photographer, writer, and speaker. Passionate about photography, Brenda is an enthusiastic workshop instructor and tour leader. Believing she had something to say, she wrote Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, and her latest, Expressive Nature Photography, and co-authored/published Extraordinary Everyday Photography. Still believing she has something worth saying, Brenda has been a keynote speaker at B&H Optic Conference, Carolinas Nature Photographers Association, North American Nature Photographers Association, Northern California Council of Camera Clubs, and Canadian Artists and Photographers Association. She has conducted one-day seminars for camera clubs and webinars for Topaz and Nik. Her fine art photographs are collected by a number of people throughout the world. She is represented by Danita Delimont Stock Photography and has a personal archive online for her fine art prints. Brenda conducts workshops for Girls Who Click, and she is honored to be part of Dewitt Jones’ Healing Images program.